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1.The editing of this abstract follows the standard edition of county abstract announced by Pre-Department of Budget ,Accounting & Statistics(DBAS) Taiwan Provincial Government in 1995 for approval.(the contents had been partially modified by DGBAS Executive Yuan later.) 

2.The figures collected in this abstract are intended to outline the general situation and development of the county properly, and reflecting the mainly administrative effort of the county government last year.

3.To capture the focus of this abstract more easily,some interesting topics are selected and given statistics charts with them ,and a section named "graphic stories about Hualien" is placed before the table-section.

4.Sources of editing this abstract mostly base on formal statistical tables reported through the official administrative registration system, and very small parts are directly collected by local statistical division. All the sources involving national defense security estimated of confidentiality has excluded. 

5.Figures of the post eleven years (1999-2009) are displayed respectively for the purpose of comparison and reference .

6.151 tables are complied in this publication classified into 15 categories by local administrative affairs. For details, please refer to the list table of content.

7.The terms as a measuring unit used in this publication list and illustrate as follow: 

"year"--means the measuring unit over a period of whole particular year.

"End of the year"--means the measuring unit at a certain static time point as by the end of December of a year.

"Fiscal year" and "Academic year"—follow its particular definition.

8.All measuring units used in this abstract have been converted to metric system for easier comparison.

9.The following symbols are used throughout the publication :  

"0" --means figures below half a unit.  

"-" --means no figures.  

"..." --means figures not yet available  

figure in parentheses "( )" -- means a negative value.

10.Necessary remark and source of data are given in footnote. 

11.In case figures printed in previous editions show significant difference from those of this edition, those in the present edition are preferable.